Time for Apartment with 2% loan program

If you are planning to buy an apartment this year, you can benefit from the Time for Apartment with 2% loan program that we have prepared especially for you. You get a price guarantee and time to check and confirm the financing.

By benefiting from the Safe 2% Loan government program, you can submit an application and increase your chances of receiving a subsidy.

It’s only five steps to get an apartment of your dreams.

It’s time to choose – you choose an apartment, and we guarantee that the price will not change.

Currently, there are nearly half as many apartments being built in Poland as in the previous year. Over time, the choice will be limited. When demand recovers and customers start buying, finding an apartment that meets your expectations can be much more difficult. Unfortunately, the shortage will also affect apartment prices. If you decide to buy an apartment now, you can avoid the above-mentioned risks. For you the base price will not increase anymore.

Get your apartment finished – think about which package to choose.

Finishing the apartment for an additional fee is possible thanks to our ATAL Design program. You have access to a wide selection of materials and you are supported by our designers, while works will be performed by a proven team that you do not have to oversee. At this stage, consider whether it is more convenient for you to use the option of buying a finished apartment. You will get an apartment ready to furnish.

Conclude a contract – sign a contract without risk and pay up to 20% of the price.

With apartment as well as the terms of purchase selected and the price set, you can proceed to sign the developer contract. At this stage, you are obliged by the contract to pay the installment set in the payment schedule of your investment. Withdrawal from the contract within 60 days from the date of signing due to the lack of financing will not involve any costs.

Time to finance – you have time to get financing from the Safe 2% Loan government program

We will return to the payment of the next tranche not later than 60 days after signing the developer contract. This is ample time to check the possibility to obtain financing in the Safe 2% Loan program, which supports the purchase of the first apartment. You can obtain information on it at your Apartment Sales Office and from the recommended Loan Advisers. Find out more about the program now.

It’s time to decide – and… you know what’s next.

There are two scenarios. The positive one assumes that you have obtained financing and are moving on, getting closer to your own apartment. There are no surprises, indexation, etc., because you know the price and conditions from the beginning.
However, if things do not go your way, according to the contract, you have the right to withdraw from it without contractual penalties. The apartment you have booked will return to the public pool.


  • The program applies only to projects indicated in the regulations and apartments that meet the criteria of the Safe 2% Loan program.
  • Find out more about the Secure 2% Loan program at the Sales Office. We also encourage you to read the article available at web site.
  • The amount of the installment for the apartment depends on the investment and its progress. The payment schedule will be added as an attachment to your reservation contract.
  • The information does not constitute an offer and all detailed information about the program and the regulations are available at the Apartment Sales Offices.
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2% Safe Mortgage Program

The 2% Safe Mortgage program is an excellent solution for people looking to secure their first apartment. By using this method of financing, you will receive a subsidy for 10 years, putting the interest rate on your mortgage installments at about 2.7%.

Detailed information is available from Financial Advisors

Branch Manager
Dawid Gryglicki
tel.: 695 599 746
[email protected]

More information available on website.

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Fully equipped

Buy a flat finished within the framework of one of three options: BASIC, OPTIMUM, PREMIUM.
Select materials and move into a flat that’s ready to live in.
You can find the details on the ATAL Design Program website at.

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Housing without Own Contribution

The “Housing without Own Contribution” scheme makes it possible to take out a mortgage with a guaranteed own contribution and to benefit from a family repayment option.
Contact our advisors at Expander for details:

Dawid Gryglicki
Branch Manager
phone: 695 599 746
[email protected]

Read more at: https://www.expander.pl/gdzie-po-kredyt-bez-wkladu-wlasnego-2/

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Nota prawna

The information contained on this website does not constitute an offer within the meaning of the Civil Code, but is for information purposes only. These visualizations are for illustrative purposes only. The appearance of the buildings and land development may slightly differ at the stage of investment implementation. The essential features of the service and the buildings' functionality will not change.
The deadlines provided are of an infomative nature only and are subject to change. Binding deadlines will be included in the customer contract.

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